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Lazysaurus-Rex Hoodie

Lazysaurus-Rex Hoodie

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Envelope yourself in the essence of coziness with 'Lazy Echoes' unisex heavy blend hooded sweatshirt. Crafted as the epitome of relaxation, this sweatshirt is spun from a rich blend of cotton and polyester, creating a sanctuary of warmth that feels like a gentle hug on a chilly day. The plush softness is a soothing balm against the brisk air, offering comfort that is both luxurious and familiar.

The front features a spacious kangaroo pocket, marrying functionality with ease, perfect for warming hands or safeguarding treasures of the day. The hood, adorned with a drawstring that matches the base color of the sweater, is a nod to our attention to detail and a commitment to understated style.

Constructed with a medium-heavy fabric (8.0 oz/yd² (271 g/m²)) that balances 50% cotton with 50% polyester, our hoodies are the quintessential companion for those seeking solace from the cold. The classic fit, combined with a pouch pocket and a tear-away label, promises a wearing experience free from discomfort and distraction.

In the spirit of 'Lazy Echoes,' every detail is infused with intention—the color-matched drawcord and the double-lined hood stand as testament to a design that's both resilient and refined.

Committed to ethical practices, our sweatshirts are made from 100% ethically grown US cotton. In partnership with Gildan, a member of the US Cotton Trust Protocol, we ensure each garment is born from sustainable and ethical production methods. The dyes employed are OEKO-TEX-certified, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring safety for both the planet and the wearer.

For Heather Sport colors, we've blended 60% polyester with 40% cotton, creating a harmony of textures that feel as good as they look.

With 'Lazy Echoes,' warmth is more than a sensation—it's a principle. Our hooded sweatshirt isn't just an item of clothing; it's a mantle of tranquility, ready to be donned as you retreat into the echoes of your own peace.

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