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That's My Bulma! Cap

That's My Bulma! Cap

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Prepare to summon the envy of Saiyan royalty with our “That's My Buulma!” cap. This isn’t just a statement piece; it’s a laid-back rebellion against the ordinary. With 100% cotton twill softness and a fiercely distressed design, it's the ultimate nod to those who command attention without even trying. Like Bulma, you’ll charm and disarm, and like Vegeta, you might just spark a little Saiyan pride in onlookers—so wear with caution, Earthlings.


  • Luxuriously soft 100% cotton twill for comfort worthy of Capsule Corp's finest

  • Distinctly sewn-in label that's as iconic as a dragon ball

  • Dial-in your fit with our sneaky hideaway strap and metal D-ring slider

  • Vibrant prints using advanced DTF technology that would impress even Dr. Brief

  • Each cap’s distressed finish is as one-of-a-kind as Goku’s spirit bomb

JEALOUSY WARNING: This cap may result in spontaneous flexing of Saiyan Pride. #BuulmaAdventures await, but will you stir up a Galick Gun level of envy?

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