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Star Lazer Puzzle

Star Lazer Puzzle

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Add a dash of interstellar magic to your leisure time with our 'Cosmic Leisure Jigsaw Puzzle.' More than just an ordinary pastime, this jigsaw puzzle invites you to piece together the tranquility of the cosmos, right at your fingertips. Available in three sizes, each offering its own stargazing adventure, our puzzles are the perfect activity to gather friends and family, fostering connections that are as deep as the universe itself.

Our puzzles boast high-quality chipboard pieces that interlock with ease, ensuring a satisfying snap with every placement. Delivered in a sleek, gift-ready box that sports the puzzle's stellar design, it's a gift that's sure to score presentation points even before the first piece is placed. Choose from a quaint 120-piece 8" x 10" set, a medium-sized 252-piece 11" x 14" set, or dive into the full nebula with our 500-piece 16" x 20" set.


  • Materials: Robust 100% chipboard for the puzzle pieces; sturdy 100% paper for the box.
  • Sizes: Available in 8" x 10", 11" x 14", and 16" x 20" for varying levels of challenge.
  • Age Recommendation: Designed for cosmic explorers aged 9 years and beyond.
  • Packaging: Comes in a paper box, perfect for gifting, with a glossy finish that highlights the vivid cosmic imagery.
  • Finish: A glossy sheen that adds a celestial glow to the completed puzzle.

With the 'Cosmic Leisure Jigsaw Puzzle,' you're not just piecing together a puzzle; you're crafting a moment of peace and relaxation that's as boundless as space itself. #CosmicLeisurePuzzle #JigsawGalaxy #StarryNightIn

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