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Shrouded Sheep Cap

Shrouded Sheep Cap

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Dive into the enigma with the "Shrouded Sheep" cap. This cap's for the silent observers, the undercover standouts, and those who embody the calm cool of the in-crowd. Sporting a silhouette that intrigues and mystifies, it's for days when you want to quietly command the scene, your way.


  • Fabric: Luxe 100% cotton twill, artfully distressed for that perfect blend of edge and comfort.

  • Design: An elusive silhouette that draws the eye and piques curiosity.

  • Fit: Tailored to you with a self-fabric hideaway strap and metal D-ring slider.

  • Identity: Each cap carries distinctive marks of character, just like every incognito influencer.

Whether you're the wolf in sheep's clothing or the sheep with a wolf's spirit, this cap gives you the power to decide how you roam the world.

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