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Facing Deletion Horizontal Frame

Facing Deletion Horizontal Frame

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Dress your den with a dash of defiance – the 'Facing Deletion' canvas print encapsulates the Lazy Echoes mantra, combining chill with a sprinkle of anarchy. It's more than just a canvas; it's a conversation starter, an expression of your unique vibe, hanging effortlessly on your wall.

With a canvas that boasts a 100% cotton fabric, every detail pops with clarity, ensuring that the rebellious spirit of the piece is vividly captured. Housed within a sturdy poplar wood frame available in either a deep walnut or a sleek black finish, this print stays as fresh as your style – no sagging, no distortion, just pure attitude.

Choose your fit with multiple size options to suit your space. But remember, like your laid-back weekends, this piece is for indoor enjoyment only. So, set the mood, kick back, and let 'Facing Deletion' keep your walls looking as good as you do on a lazy day.

Key Features:

  • Solid as Your Playlist: Every frame’s built solid to keep the canvas tight and the vibes right.
  • Choice of Styles: Walnut for a warm, earthy feel, or black for that classic, ever-cool look.
  • Detail that Speaks: High-fidelity printing that makes every pixel pop with purpose.
  • Lazy Size Options: From cozy corners to spacious lounges, we’ve got the size to match.
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