Collection: S!n!ster Scents

Get ready to light up the dark corners of your room with the S!n!ster Scents Candle Collection – a mischievously fragrant series that dares to be different. Unleash the spirit of the orchard with "Apple Harvest," an intoxicating blend that captures the very essence of autumn's bounty. Dive into the deep with "Atlantis Whisper," where each flicker brings you closer to the legendary city's secrets. "Cigar Room" invites you into an old-world lounge, swirling with the rich aromas of cinnamon and vanilla tobacco.

Prepare for an adventure with "Clean Cotton," fresh and crisp as if plucked from the skies by a gentle giant. "Peppered Passionfruit" beckons with a zesty, exotic twist, where mystery meets tangy temptation. "Coconut Cream Dystopia" cocoons you in a sweet, creamy paradise amidst a world turned upside down.

With "Shoop Sense," unscented but as powerful as a silent silhouette against a sunset, you stand strong and unflinching. "Socrates Selfie" strikes a bold pose with the intellectual blend of sea salt and orchid notes, a homage to ancient wisdom.

And finally, "White Sage and Lavender" carves a path through mystical mountain trails, a soothing balm for the wandering soul. Each candle in the S!n!ster Scents Collection promises an experience that's not just an aroma but a journey through shadows and whispers, ready to fill your space with storied scents. Light one up and let the story unfold.